About Rokky Products

Rokky products first started producing nuts at a time when there weren't that many sweets or snacks available in Malta. The company first started in 1982, a joint venture of Mr and Mrs Carta who now employ over 15 people in different sectors. Initially importing varieties of nuts, Rokky Products expanded into other areas producing varieties of sweets, snacks and health products. We also import biscuits and sweets with toys for kids.

Our key ingredients are carefully selected from different parts of the world offering products that not only taste good but also look good. These raw materials are then processed at our factory in Qormi. Our products are popular for parties and get-togethers and we affect deliveries to various bars, snack bars and confectionaries around Malta and Gozo. We understand that demand varies from one outlet to another and some orders can be customised according to the quantity consumed.