Rokky Products offers several delicious varieties of soft and chewy sweets to choose from including all time classics like Wine Gums and Jelly Babies. All our products can be supplied in quantities and in variety pack weights.

We import our sweets mostly from the UK offering a wide choice for those with a sweet tooth. Our most popular are chocolate covered nuts throughout the winter months whilst nuts and gums appear to be more consumed during the hotter summer season.

Our company also imports particular treats for special events like Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day to mark those memorable occasions with something unique. Our delicious varieties of chocolate eggs and different chocolate shapes are a sure hit with people of all ages and a perfect complement to enhance your sweet treat. We also supply traditional Carnival sweets, sugared almonds or as they are most commonly known in Malta, perlini.

Rokky Products also offers a range of biscuits as well as a range of candies with novelty toys for children